​Chicken and Waffles

​Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Our menu changes daily, but we do have a few items that are offered most days.

Here is a list of our regulars 

-Duck Tots - Crispy Tater Tots topped with tender braised duck legs, lime Sriracha sauce, Hoisen aioli, and a combination of green onion, cilantro, and peanuts on top

- The Peacemaker - Handmade HUNburger patty, Thai peanut butter, strawberry Sriracha jam, and crushed peanuts, on brioche bun

​- Sweet N' Spicy Burger - Handmade HUNburger patty, sweet pickled jalapeños, cabbage, and honey Sriracha aioli, on brioche bun

- Big Buddha Burger - Handmade HUNburger patty, fried egg, hashbrown patty, cabbage, Hoisen aioli, and Asian mustard
 - Attila Dog - Hot dog with pineapple relish, cabbage, and spicy coconut sauce

 Attila The


Korean Beef Grilled Cheese


Big Buddha Burger                                                           Attila Dog


Popular Specials

We'll have one or more entrees offered daily, decided that day by Chef Levi

Occasinally he will have various Asian inspired treats to serve, so don't hesitate to ask.


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​The Shredder

​Eggs N' Kimchi

                Duck Tots                                                                       The Peacemaker                                                                Sweet N' Spicy Burger


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